Teen Whisperer

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A Modern Approach For Families


We begin our journey by fostering our relationship and rapport; building trust from day one by meeting where you are, when you need it most.

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Our core values shape our life. We'll take a look at your roots to better understand your fruits, setting the foundation for your fresh start.

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Digital support and more, created especially for modern families. Coaching designed around your active life and unique hopes.

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A Modern Method

Modern day pressures are unfolding before our eyes and teens are struggling more than ever before, which means parents are too. My digital coaching makes support accessible for today's fast-paced world. I support parents navigate the waves of adolescence while learning how to connect with their teens by becoming authentically curious and truly present. As an advocate for families for over two decades, I have observed the most supportive ways to create the change families want. Kirsten supports parents in embracing their new role and understanding the teen brain, teens with their confidence and motivation and the family as a whole.

Together, we will apply specific tools to cultivate peace, lasting change and to harmonize your world. Schedule your free strategy call with me. With the right support, anything is possible.


A Fresh Start

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I guide families in navigating the waves of adolescence while moving toward an empowered and joyful life.


Fostering A Foundation

Our core values guide our thoughts, feelings, actions and expressions. My approach is deeply rooted in methods that validate where you've been and clarify where you're going.


Life is infinitely creative and so are the varied approaches each of us require. I embrace that each path will be unique.


Compassionate support allows you to share and be heard without judgement. I cultivate a safe space to explore the whole self.


Reliable contact and clear communication creates the trust needed for our collaborative work and modern approach.


Radical acceptance creates an openness for growth and expansion. I am an advocate for the freedom of self expression.


In a world torn between too much and too little, I see balance as the middle road toward a path of peace and fulfillment.


Coming home to the whole self, perfect and complete. Embracing the light and shadow with equanimity and grace.


Modern Coaching

Support for navigating the modern world. Digital coaching for parents, adolescents and families. Here for you, where you are, when you need support.

A Modern approach

Digital Sessions

Designed around your unique life. Digital sessions through Zoom, Skype, FaceTime or phone.

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Let's Talk

Raising and supporting a teenager in today’s fast-paced world can be riddled with worry and conflict. Liberate yourself and your family with modern support.

You’re only one call away from a fresh start. Schedule your free 30-minute session with me.

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Our Latest Works

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Simple Pricing

Modern support, where you are, when you need it. Focusing on the present while working toward your future. At this time, I am unable to accept insurance plans or bill any third party.

Intro Session


30-minute phone call to get to know one another and explore a mutual fit.

I'll happily answer any questions you have about our work together.

We'll look at all of our options as I share my approach and C.A.R.E. method.

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New Client Session


90-minute comprehensive intake and informative session.

We'll explore your current scenario and dive into what's possible together.

With your input, we'll design a rhythm of connection that fosters your flow.

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Individual Session


60-minute coaching session via video or phone call.

We'll meet where you are, focusing on the present, while working toward your empowerment path.

Remember and reconnect to your true nature and your whole self.

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"Your warmth, compassion and approach are unmatched. You have changed our lives forever and we are incredibly grateful to know you. You brought so much peace into our world. This is a gift that will never be forgotten."

- P K

"You were patient and brave, leading me through the thoughts and feelings that I was repressing in my effort to survive. I liked your New-Age approach; it encouraged me. Thank you beyond words"

- M F

"You were the perfect guide who appeared at the exact time in my life when I needed you. You gently communicated with me in a way to which I could respond on a gut level. Thank you so much for you guidance!! It truly changed my world."

- M l

"It is most helpful knowing that there is someone else in the world who can see our daughter's beauty, potential and wisdom in a world where she so often feels unnoticed or misunderstood. You were instrumental in helping our daughter to see herself in a different and more powerful way."

- A G

"I most definitely miss your presence at the high school. You were doing paradigm shifting work in helping teachers and administration to see a different way of working with students and in helping students to see themselves as okay just the way they are."

- L D

"You were always available, responsive and understanding of our feelings as parents, while supporting and maintaining integrity to your relationship with our daughter."

- M T

"You are simply the answer to a prayer! You have made a profound and lasting difference in our daughter's life and for that we are forever grateful. She is stronger, a more grounded and independent person since knowing you."

- R L

"You helped our daughter tap into her own greatness and you gave a different context to the things she has seen as weaknesses in herself. She now knows that those very things are what make her unique and powerful. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

- C S

"Thank you for helping me through the hardest time in my life. Thank you for every single thing."

- E K

Digital Sessions Via
FaceTime & Zoom

Connecting wherever you are.

Flexible digital appointments available, designed for your family's active life.

Perfect for busy lives and snowy days.


Insights & Explorations

Enhancing life in an authentic and integrated way.


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Our Awesome Studio

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Continually reintermediate integrated processes through technically sound intellectual capital.

Holistically foster superior methodologies without market-driven best practices.

Whether You Believe You Can Do a Thing or Not You Are Right

Quickly cultivate optimal processes and tactical architectures. Completely iterate covalent strategic theme areas via accurate e-markets.

Seamlessly visualize quality intellectual capital without superior collaboration and idea-sharing. 

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Our Awesome People

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Alexa Ivanova


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